Cosplay & Craft puts at your disposal a discord space in order to be able to discuss, exchange, share your cosplay projects, ask for help or advice or simply spend time with your friends.

Of course anyone arriving on the server must be validated by our team to avoid overflows.

Anyone arriving on the discord will be considered as having read the rules below and submit to them. In case of problems the moderators and administrators will have all the authority to deal with the situation, ranging from a simple warning to a permanent and final ban.

We ask you for a cordial and civic behavior.

No insults, insults, inappropriate comments, sexist, racist, pro or anti religious comments, aimed at the physical, ethnicity, condition or beliefs of each.

Any overflow will be treated impartially and in an exemplary manner.

With that, enjoy your stay on our server and see you soon on the air.

The Cosplay & Craft team

I accept the rules and I wish to access the Discord server